Policies and Procedures

  1. Admission Procedures
  2. Dismissal from the Center
  3. Arrival and Pick-up Policy
  4. Late Arrival Policy
  5. Visitor Policy
  6. Child Identification Policy
  7. Code of Conduct
  8. Discipline Policy
  9. Health Policy
  10. Communicable Disease Policy
  11. Child Abuse Policy
  12. Medication Policy
  13. General Playground Policies
  14. Injury Prevention Plan
  15. Food Policy
  16. School Age Absence Confirmation Policy
  17. Inclement Weather Policy


Admission Procedures

First Baptist Ashland CCDC enrolls children based on their age as of September 30th of the current year.
Age groups are not mixed.

Children in the Infant Class, Toddler 1 Class and Toddler 2 Class move to the next class by their age.

Infants Class- 3 months-12 months
Toddler 1 Class- 12 months-16 months

Toddler 2 Class- 16 months-2 years old
Beginning with the Toddler 2 Class, children will be promoted as a class to the next class each September.

Preschool 1 Class- 2 years old
Preschool 2 Class- 3 years old
Pre-K Class- 4 years old

  1.  An interview between a member of the administrative staff, parent and child must be scheduled prior to admission.  During this interview, the needs of the parent, child as well as center policies and procedures will be discussed.
  2. If both parties mutually agree that they will benefit from the center’s program, and a spot if available, the parents will be notified of acceptance and a start date will be determined.
  3. The parent must then complete the registration form and contract.  We require that all items on the form be completed.  This form must have the physical address of the home and must be signed by both parents.  If legally separated or divorced, and one parent is not allowed full access to the child, a copy of the notarized custody decree must be kept on file at First Baptist Ashland CCDC.  In addition, you are required to pay the registration fee.
  4. In the event your child’s start date is not immediate, we require you pay the first months tuition to secure your child’s place.  This tuition will be credited towards your child’s first month of attendance.  These fees and tuition are not refundable.

Continued Enrollment
It is expected that children enrolled will remain on a continuous basis, however, in order to sustain enrollment in all of our classes, parents of currently enrolled students complete Intent Forms for continued enrollment for the up coming summer and following school year.  Intent Forms will be issued, and your child’s space will be guaranteed upon receipt of their intent form.  If your child is not going to attend the summer session, but would like to return in September, the parent will need to pay the re-enrollment fee.  You will have one month from date of issue to return the intent for.  At that time, registration will be opened to the general public and applications will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

Payment Policy
Tuition is always due in advance and is due on the Monday prior to the week being paid for.  Payments by check are preferred.  We request that you mark the memo of your check with the dates for which payment is intended.  If you pay by cash, you will receive a receipt.

There is a $20.00 late charge on past due accounts.

Tuition must be paid whether or not the child is in attendance.
If thechild has an extended illness and is absent for two weeks or more, tuition will be adjusted beginning the third consecutive week of absence.

Parents needing receipts from the treasurer should request them
in writing.

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Dismissal from the Center

There are several reasons that First Baptist Ashland CCDC may request your child/family to terminate enrollment at the center.  Our withdrawal policy states that you must give 2 weeks written notice prior to leaving the center.  We will work to do the same for you however; there may be situations where the 2 weeks notice on the part of First Baptist Ashland CCDC would be impossible.  These reasons for dismissal from First Baptist Ashland CCDC are outlined below:

  • Failure of the parent/guardian to pay tuition and fees in a timely manner.  First Baptist Ashland CCDC reserves the right to dismiss a family from the center without notice for failure to pay.  See your contract for additional information.Discipline/Behavior issues with children or parents.
  • First Baptist Ashland CCDC reserves the right to dismiss a child or withdraw admittance into the center of an adult for behavior/discipline issues.  In the event that the behavior exhibited causes danger to children or staff, dismissal would be immediate.Differing philosophies between parent and center.
  • First Baptist Ashland CCDC reserves the right to dismiss a family in the event the family’s philosophy and that of the center do not agree to the point that the center is unable to serve the families requests.

Dismissal:  We will make every effort to extend 30 days written notice if we need to dismiss your child form the center, with the exception of:

  1. Failure to pay tuition
  2. Behavior of parent or child posing an immediate threat to the safety of our staff and the other children at the center.

Upon dismissal, the parents are responsible to pay for the 2 weeks.  This is to paid if the child attends the center or not.  If this payment is not paid, the CCDC board will decide what action needs to be taken.

 Fir Baptist Ashland CCDC reserves the right to withdraw your child from the center if the situation arises where we are no longer able to meet your needs or if there is a determination that our philosophy and yours do not agree.


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Arrival and Pick-up Policy

Parents need to bring their child to the door by the playground.  Ring the door bell at the entrance and a staff person will let you enter.  Do not let your child get out of the car and enter the building alone.  Sign your child in when you drop off you child.

 If you arrive between 8:30a.m. and 3:30 p.m., use the main entrance to the church.

 It is important that we are notified if someone other than you will be picking up your child.  Licensing standards require that children be released only to you or those whom you have listed on your child’s application form, UNLESS YOU ADVISE US IN WRITING.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Please keep the emergency information up to date.  We should be able to contact a parent at any time of the day, if necessary.  Please check with the Director to change information in your child’s file.

 In the afternoon when picking up your child, follow same procedure as in the morning.  Don’t forget to sign your child out!

 In the event your child has not been picked up by 6:10p.m., the center will follow this procedure:

The staff will begin contacting the persons on the child’s emergency pick-up list.  If the staff is unable to locate anyone to pick up your child, the local authorities will be notified and responsibility for the child will be relinquished to them upon their arrival to the center.

A late fee of $15.00 will be assessed for each ¼  hour after 6:00p,m, your child is at the center.


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Late Arrival Policy

First Baptist Ashland CCDC opens each morning at 7:00.  The morning curriculum begins at 9:00.  It is our expectation that all children attending for the day arrive by 9:00.

We understand that from time to time it will be necessary for children to arrive late.  This policy has been established with Licensing Standards and to help provide a smooth transition for children entering the class when activities have already begun.

In the event that a child arrives after 9:00, the parent should have the child enter the classroom as quietly as possible as to not interrupt.  Children should not expect to make up any missed activities.

 It is recommended that the parent say good-bye to the child in the hallway and then assist the child into the classroom leaving him or her in the care of a staff member not conducting a large group activity.  This person upon seeing the child arrive should greet the parent and child quietly and assist the child if he is having a difficult time separating from his parent.  All personal items will be put away by the staff member.


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Visitor Policy

Our staff is trained to follow this policy

One of our biggest concerns is the safety and security of the children in our care. Parents place their children with us and go to work with the peace of mind that this will not happen to their child while at First Baptist Ashland CCDC.

 All doors to the church are locked.  Anyone entering the building needs to identify themselves.  This is to prevent someone from coming into the building without proper authorization.

 Other measures can be taken to prevent a person without authorization taking a child from the center.  The following steps must always take place if you see an adult or teenager you aren’t familiar with inside the building, outside the building or ringing the doorbell, which you answer.

  • Approach the person, introduce yourself, ask if you can help them and ask why they are here.
  • If they are selling something, kindly tell them there is no one to speak to them at the present time, suggest they leave a business card and tell them someone will get back to them.  Escort them out the door.  If they are outside, do not let them in!
  • If they are seeking childcare, get the Director or Assistant Director.  If they are    not available, ask them to leave their name, address and phone number.  Let them know someone will be in touch with them to discuss their childcare needs soon.
  • If they are looking for a staff person, have them wait outside until the staff person can meet them outside.

 If they state they are here to pick up a child:

  1. Ask for the name of the child they are attempting to pick up and then ask the adult for an identification card.  (They should have a driver’s license with a photograph.
  2. Check to see if there is a note stating this person has permission to pickup the child.  State Licensing Standards require parents must leave written authorization for someone other than themselves to pick up their child.
    If there is a note and the person’s identification matches it skip to step #5
  3. If there is not a note from the parent ask the Director to check the child’s file.  Also, check the sign in book to see if the parent made a note when dropping the child off at childcare.
  4. Whether or not the person is authorized in the child’s registration form (if there is no note), the parents must be called to see if the person has permission to pick up the child.

Once you have verified you have the appropriate written authorization for the person to pick up the child, then,

Never send someone into a child’s classroom who is unfamiliar with the center or who has limited authorization to pick up a child.


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Child Identification Policy

In order to provide a secure environment for the children enrolled at First Baptist Ashland CCDC, the staff is expected to account for the children in attendance at all times.

 The Supervising teacher for each classroom is responsible for the following:

  1. Daily attendance in their classroom.
  2. Informing the Assistant Teacher of the daily attendance.
  3. Informing the afternoon supervising teacher of the attendance status

We require all children remain in sight of the staff at all times with the exception of the privacy needed for bathroom time. During bathroom times, the staff must be able to hear the child to know they are safe.

The Supervising Teacher (morning and afternoon) of each classroom is responsible for identifying where children are at all times during the day.  Each time there is a transition, the following steps must be followed:

  1. A head count must be taken before the children leave the classroom.
  2. A head count must be taken upon arrival to the next location
  3. In the event the numbers do not match, a recount is taken to determine if an error was made.
    At this time, if the numbers still remain different, the supervising teacher should determine if there is a child missing or if there is an extra child.

 If a child is missing, the teacher should retrace her steps back to the original location and search until the child is located.

 If there is an extra child, the teacher should return the child to their designated classroom.


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Code of Conduct

The following behaviors are expected from all children attending the center:

  • Use of words to solve problem
  • Fighting is prohibited
  • Stealing from the center or from other children or staff is prohibited
  • Weapons of any kind are prohibited
  • Children are not allowed to carry medications at any time
  • Children will treat teachers and each other with respect
  • Children will respect the property of others and of the center
  • Follow the established classroom and center rules
  • Offensive language and name calling are not allowed
  • Good behavior is expected at all times

 Children who repeatedly break the code of conduct will be subject to dismissal or suspension from the center.


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Discipline Policy

Staff members failing to follow these guidelines are subject to dismissal from employment.

  1. Staff members are charged with helping each child learn to discipline himself.  We strive to promote the physical, cognitive, emotional and social well being of the child.Rules for safety and health must be followed.  Caregivers are to set limits,
  2. Staff members will let the children know what is expected of them, when and why.
  3. Staff members will ALWAYS us a POSITIVE approach so that the child will want to choose the appropriate behavior.  Reward for good behavior.
  4. Rewarding good behavior is our aim so that the child will find out that unacceptable behavior lacks fun and fails to get the desired attention.
  5. Caregivers are to be fair and consistent in their guidance of the behavior of children and in their use of management techniques that will encourage children toward self-discipline.
  6. Corporal punishment, including, but not limited to:  physically striking a child with your hand or object, kicking, shoving any physical punishment is NEVER allowed.
  7. Sarcasm, yelling or any demeaning comments are never accepted means of disciplining children at First Baptist Ashland CCDC.
  8. Staff member should re-direct the child’s interest to another area of play upon noticing the beginning of a problem.
  9. Staff members may at times, use “Time-Out” as a method of removing a child from a situation where he or others might get hurt. This “Time-Out must never exceed 1 minute per year of the age of the child.  For example a three-year-old should be in “time-Out” not longer than three minutes of quiet time.  Over use of Time-Out renders the technique non-effective.
  10. Isolation in which the child is left alone unattended in NEVER acceptable and is prohibited by the Department of Social services Minimum Licensing Standards.
  11. Denial of food at snack or lunch as punishment is prohibited.
  12. Nap will not be associated with discipline measures utilized by staff members.
  13. For consistent problems, the Director must be notified and consulted.  The Director will assess the situation and determine if the child’s parents need to be consulted.  The Director will arrange a meeting to discuss the situation.
  14. Staff members are encouraged to seek additional help such as workshops, educational behavior, management books, other staff members, etc. for assistance in dealing with a particular problem.
  15. If a child continues to exhibit behavioral difficulties, the center will consider dismissal of the child.  The Director will give the parents 30 days written notice of termination.  In the event the child poses an immediate threat to the safety and well being of the other children and staff, enrollment termination would then be immediate.


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Health Policy

We will make every effort to protect you child’s health and safety, but your cooperation is needed to help carry this through.

  •  Please do not bring your child to school if there are signs of sore throat, nausea, contagious colds, diarrhea, skin rash, enlarged glands, earache, head lice or general bad health.
  • Children who register a fever of 100.00 F or higher will be sent home, as required by State Licensing standards.
  • Please report absences by 9:00 a.m. and give the reason for your child’s absence or the nature of his illness.
  • If your child becomes ill while at the center, we will notify you immediately.  Your child will be removed from the other children and kept isolated until they are picked up.  State Licensing standards require arrangements be made for a sick child to leave the center as soon as possible after signs or symptoms of illness are noticed.


This is to minimize the spread of contagious illness.


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Communicable Disease Policy

Parents agree to inform the center within 24 hours or the next business day after a child or any member of the immediate household has developed any reportable communicable disease, as defined by the State Board of Health, except for life threatening diseases, which must be reported immediately.

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Child Abuse Policy

The staff of First Baptist Ashland CCDC is legally obligated to report suspected child abuse or report suspected child abuse or neglect to Hanover County Department of Social Services, Child Protection Services Office.  We will document any suspected abuse or neglect and document any document any conversation we have with Child Protection Services.  Reports will be kept confidential.

Medication Policy

We understand there are times when it will be necessary for children to receive medication while at First Baptist Ashland CCDC.  The Director or Assistant Director will administer medication to children as long as the following guidelines are met:

  1. The medication form MUST be filled out completely.
  2. The medication to be administered must be in its original container.
  3. The original label must be intact and must include the name of the drug.
  4. If a prescription, the label must also include child’s name, dosage to be given,   frequency and expiration date.
    First Baptist Ashland CCDC is not allowed to administer medication on an “as needed” basis, we will however, administer medication for life threatening situations such as asthma attack or allergic reaction.
  5. A written note must accompany sample bottles of prescription medications from the child’s physician.  This note must include the date, child’s name, drug name, times and dosage to be given and length of time to be given.
  6. Over the Counter Medications will be administered for a three-day period  only.  The medication MUST be in its original container and the label intact.  The label MUST include dosage for your child’s age and weight.  Otherwise, we will not administer the medication.
  7. An additional hand written label must be with the medication.  This label will verify the child’s name, medication name, dosage to be given, times to be given and authorization expiration.  A sample label is below.


Sample medication Label:

Name of medication:
Times to be given:
Authorization Expiration

 We require written parental authorization for administration of Diaper Ointment, Sunscreen, Insect Repellant and antibiotic ointment.  First Baptist Ashland CCDC requires our staff document every time we administer diaper ointment, sunscreen and insect repellant on the form.  Antibiotic ointment is documented on the accident reports.


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General Playground Policies

First Baptist Ashland CCDC strives to provide a safe outdoor play area for the children in our care.  We will go outside, weather permitting two times per day.  Children will not be permitted to play on the playground when the temperature is less than 32 degrees or greater than 90 degrees.  They will not be allowed to go outside when it is raining.

 It is expected all children participate in playground or inside play.  We do not have adequate staff to supervise children not wishing to participate.

 In order to maintain such an area, the staff will be informed of, and required to adhere to the following rules for the playground:

  1. There shall be at least two staff on the playground or Thompson Hall during play time.
  2. Children are not allowed to climb on playground equipment unless a staff member is standing there to supervise.
  3. Only one staff member shall stand at each piece of equipment.
  4. Children MUST wear sneakers or rubber sole shoes with closed toes and closed heels in order to play on the playground.  (No sandals, clogs, or flip-flops).
  5. Children with strings hanging from their clothing shall not play on climbing equipment.
  6. Children shall not play with sticks.
  7. Staff members shall not turn their backs on children to talk with other staff or parents.  Staff shall avoid congregating with other staff.  There should be at least 5 feet between staff persons.
  8. Visiting of not-staff persons is not allowed while the children are on the playground.
  9. Any accidents or injuries occurring on the playground will be noted in the Accident (Bump) Book.  This book is located in the meds cabinet.
  10. Children are not allowed to leave the playground unless either a staff member or a parent escorts them.
  11. There will be planned activities for the children when playing in Thompson Hall.  At the end of the playtime, children may have free play.

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Injury Prevention Plan

We want to ensure parents and staff that the total environment at First Baptist Ashland CCDC is safe.  In order to ensure a safe environment, we inspect our equipment and toys for damage that may cause injury.  If an item is deemed dangerous, the children will not be allowed to play on or with the item.  If possible it will be removed from the classroom or area.

 Toy Safety
It is our intention that all toys and instructional materials are safe for use by the children in our care.  Teachers are asked to check the supplies in their classroom on an on-going basis to ensure they are safe.

  • Classroom toys are to be checked weekly for broken parts
  • Playground toys are to be checked daily for broken parts
  • Any broken items are to be brought to the director’s office to be repaired or replace
  • Labels of items to be purchased for use at the center should be checked for suggested age level
  • Toys are not allowed from home without prior approval from the director
  • Outside toys are not allowed inside
  • Toys that have been mouthed by children must be sanitized before use by another child
  • Toys should be stored in containers or on open shelves for easy access
  • Toys not used by children should be stored in the closet in the storage room
  • Donated toys will not be used until checked for product recall

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Food Policy

A morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack and drink should be sent from home.  Try to make the snacks and lunches healthy.

Please do not send food that needs to be prepared.  We do have microwaves, but preparing food for the children is time consuming.  Some suggestions are sandwiches, fruit or fruit cups, chips, or any of your child’s favorite foods that can be eaten as is.

 Children are not allowed to bring food from home except for packed lunches and snacks.

 If parents wish to celebrate a special event, such as a birthday, with their own special food for their child’s class, they must:

  1. Notify the center 1-2 days in advance and have the food approved by the director
  2. Notify us if the food you are bringing needs to be refrigerated
  3. Bring food items properly covered or stored in appropriate containers
  4. Advise whether we should throw away the extra food not served, or whether you will be taking it home
  5. It is assumed that proper food handling techniques will be used in preparing food or drink

 Please let us know of any food allergies your child may have.


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School Age Absence Confirmation Policy

We ask parents to notify First Baptist Ashland CCDC in the event their children will be absent.  Sometimes the parents of school age children will forget to notify us and our staff expects the child to get off the school bus in the afternoon.

The following procedure must take place upon arrival:

  1. Teacher will check the names on the sign-in sheet each day.
  2. Each school age classroom teacher should also take roll in their individual classroom as a way to double check the attendance

In the event an expected child is absent in the afternoon, the staff member noticing the missing child will notify the Director or Assistant Director.

The Director or Assistant Director will then take the following actions:

  1. Call school to see if child was absent, had a bus pass or was picked up early.
  2. Call the parent to inquire about the child’s attendance at school.
  3. Remind the parent to notify the center of any absences in the future.
  4. In the event no information is gathered from the first two calls, the Director will begin calling the emergency numbers on the child’s registration form.
  5. If at this point, no information on the whereabouts of the child has been found, the school may be notified.
  6. If the child is not located, the procedure to locate missing children should be followed.


Parents:  Some schools will not confirm any information about children’s attendance.  It might be necessary for you to send a letter allowing your child’s school to release information concerning attendance, bus passes or early release from school.


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Inclement Weather Policy

In case of inclement weather, First Baptist Ashland CCDC will make every effort to remain open.  Care will be provided for children scheduled to attend that day.  We will make a decision to close by 6:30 a.m.  In the event we are closed or will close early due to weather, it will be posted on our website and First Baptist Ashland’s website.  You should also check Channel 12 for closings or any change in opening or closing.