Registration Fee

$75    Registration fee
$25    Re-entry fee (Child has been out for a period of time and parent decides to enroll child again. EX. Returning after the summer)

Tuition and Supply/Activity Fees

Rates for Nursery and Toddlers

$160  Supply Fee for school year
$205 Weekly for Babies 3 months-12 months of age
$195 Weekly for Toddlers 16 months and up

Rates for 3’s and 4’s

Rates for Full Tuition
$160  Activity Fee for school year

$195 Weekly Not Potty Trained
$160 Weekly Fully potty trained

Rates per Day
$55    Not potty trained
$45    Potty trained

Rates for Half Days
$45    Not potty trained
$110  Full week Half days Not potty trained (7-12:30)
$35   Potty trained
$90    Full week Half days Potty trained (7-12:30)

Rates for School Age
$160  Activity Fee for school year (Snacks and supplies) 
$90    Weekly tuition
$30    Daily fee for school year
$40    Daily fee for summer / $160.00 full time weekly

*Summer Activity Fee will vary

What Is Needed for Your Child to Attend
First Baptist Ashland CCDC

A complete registration form and contract must be filled out be the parent.

Registration fee needs to be paid.

Original Birth Certificate:  We will return this to you after we have made a copy for our files.

CurrentStateofVirginiaExamination and Immunization Form:  Your child’s immunizations must be up to date and recent physical exam is required.  This form needs to be updated yearly.

 What Your Child Should Bring to Child Care

 Two snacks and a lunch

 A blanket for nap time.  Please send a blanket that can stay at the child care center all week. It will be sent home on Friday to be laundered.