Employment Opportunities

First Baptist Ashland CCDC offers job opportunities for those who love to work with children in a Christian way.  Applicants should have some experience and/or education in Early Childhood Education.

To apply for a job, please:

Call (804-214-3756) and speak to the director.  She will schedule a time when she can meet with you to give you an application

After you have given the director a completed application, she will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the possibility of employment

There may be a third interview scheduled which the director and the assistant director meet with you

Documents needed for employment:

  1. Application
  2. Staff Health Report  (This is required by Social Services to be done yearly)
  3. Report of Tuberculosis Screening  (This is done at the Health Department and paid by the CCDC only if you are employed with the CCDC)
  4. Criminal History Record Request  (Notary Public is on site at First Baptist Ashland)
  5. Confidentiality Statement
  6. W-4 Forms